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Range of products

Our range covers all the needed equipment to run pumps at various
industries and conditions

“Ideal” Pumps, Manufacturer of Water Pumps and Pressure Groups, established in 1902 in Spain. “Bombas Ideal” has always been known for its large and medium-sized pumps. Having references from all over the world vouch for its development over such a long time. With a constantly renewed approach, a creative spirit and enthusiasm for a job well done.

Elvem has established itself over the years in the motor market, becoming the benchmark for specialized companies. Elvem electric motors are suitable for the most diverse machines.  Present throughout Italy and in more than 40 countries worldwide, with a stock of more than 95,000 motors

Dreno Pompe is a solid and well established company, which designs and produces submersible pumps and mixers as well as accessories required for installation.With wide variety of pumps are used in residential, municipal and industrial applications.

HELMKE is a lead German Motor Manufacturer established in 1922. With a good 100 years of experience, global application, and maximum flexibility make the difference. Reliable, flexible and available from stock. Standard motors from 6 Watt up to 500kW. HELMKE slip-ring motors are built to last. Robust and efficient. Specialist for motors for explosive atmospheres.

Mecánicas de la Serna, S.A. offers a comprehensive service in all fields of application of cardan transmissions. Clients are the most prestigious firms in sectors such as the manufacture of Construction Machinery, Earthworks and Public Works, Industrial Machinery and Installations, the marketing and maintenance of Industrial and Commercial Vehicles, the Pumps, etc.

CG – a global specialist in the management and application of electrical energy focused on supporting the growing demand for a cleaner and energy efficient environment. Transformers, Motors, Power distribution.