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CG – a global specialist in the management and application of electrical energy focused on supporting the growing demand for a cleaner and energy efficient environment. Transformers, Motors, Power distribution.

Emotron Fdu 2.0 Drives

Full control and optimised operation Emotron FDU helps you to save energy and draw maximum efficiency on your process enabled with modern concepts these drives are cost effective and are perfect choice for customised requirements .


Emotron Vfx 2.0 Drives

Full Control with precision The Emotron VFX 2.0 Variable speed drive optimises your process and prevents damage and downtime. the combination of direct torque control accurate speed control and effcient vector braking makes it the ideal solution for all dynamic applications such as cranes, crushers, mills mixers and centrifuges.


Emotron Afe

Cost effective and trouble-free operation Emotron Active Frontend drives are available in two versions – Low Harmonic Drives and Regenerative Drives. Both are based on standard Emotron AC Dries. Offering the same reliability, easy handling and advanced functionality. the drives are delivered as a complete solution package in IP54 classified cabinets.


Emotron Flow Drive

Dedicated waste water drive emotron flow drive is designed for use in the most common pumping scenarios ( 1-2 pump of any brand ) in the wastewater management industry emotron flow drive helps you to save energy and draw maximum efficiency on your process.

Emotron Vs10 & Vs30

Optimized for small powers Although small in size , our new Emotron VS10 and VS30 drive is equipped with several advanced features . functionality is easily adapted to your specific application requirements. emotron VS10 and VS30 offer reliable and cost-efficient operation of your pumps , fans and compressors as well as constant torque applications such as conveyors .


Emotron Dsv15 & Dsv35

Machinery Drive Rated power DSV15: 0.25–2.2 kW 1-ph DSV35: 0.37–22 kW 3-ph Supply voltage 230V 1-ph, 230–480V 3-ph Protection class IP20 Approvals CE, cULus)

Emotron Tsa Softstarters

Starts, stops and protects Emotron TSA softstarters take motors to a new level. soft torque starting and intelligent load monitoring ,real time clock , programming block , by-pass contactor gives low losses, in an all inclusive robust and compact design Supply voltages 200 – 525 VAC, 3-ph 50/60 Hz 200 – 690 VAC, 3-ph 50/60 Hz Rated current 16 – 1800 A .


Emotron Msf 2.0 Softstarters

More than just a soft start Whilst traditional softstarters handle the most common start-up challenges , Emotron MSF 2.0 offers a lot more . start and stop sequences are optimised and the advanced braking techniques , increase productivity Built-in monitor functionality protects your process from inefficiency , Damage and downtime . Easy installation and set-up save time and money . Supply voltage 200 – 690 V, 3-ph Rated current 17 – 1,650 A .


Emotron M20 Shaft power monitor

Your shield against overload and damage. Emotron M20 shaft power monitors help you save time and money. They protect your pumps and other equipment against damage and inefficient processes. Early warming allows you to take preventive action unique features include measuring shaft power output and using the monitor as a sensor the result: Reduced maintenance and installation cost , extended equipment lifetime and increased reliability.

Emotron CDU / CDX 2.0

Compact and intelligent integrating speed control will add considerable value to your pump enabling you to increase your turnover optimise you pump with a plug-and -play solution with built-in intelligence . you will benefit from simplified installation , energy savings and improved process reliability – all from a single supplier. Rated power 3-22 kW Supply voltage 380-480 VAC / 480-525 VAC, 3ph Protection class IP55 Approvals Global standards.

CG Motors

A wide range of standard motors CG is one of the leading motor manu-facturers, offering a wide range of standard motors in efficiency class IE2 and IE3 230-690V. Customised medium and high voltage motors are available on request. CG motors are ideal for application in pump, fans, compressors and cranes . CG has more than 130 years of experience in the manufacture of rotating electrical machines and offers complete solutions for your motor and generator applications.