About Us

Since its inception in 2002, the Engineering Company For Supplies & Consultancy takes a special position in the Egyptian market because of its expertise for more than thirty years in the field of water and sewage.

The company has sought to provide a different & unique system from all the other companies are operating in the same field based on credibility in dealing Also it has sought to provide the needs of its customers in supplies field, as well as the field of engineering consultancy for water and sewage

The Engineering company for supplies & consultancy extend projects which participated through all the governorates in Delta, canal, upper Egypt and Cairo, also Cooperation was included the public and private sector companies and major construction companies such as Arab Contractors and all of the drinking water and sewerage companies and also Petroleum and Electricity Sector.

With the increasing of request for drinking water pumps as well as the expansion of sewer service in different governorates, The Engineering Company Supplies were always present to provide all kinds of pumps and spare parts to fit all applications

Why to choose ESC

"High quality and quick service are the two main factors that distinguish ESC " ENGINEERING COMPANY FOR SUPPLIES & CONSULTANCY " than other companies .... which allow us to gain our customers respect and trust ..."


the Engineering company for supplies & consultancy made during the last years of work on a several of agreements and contracts for major international companies in the field of pumps and motors, and the most important that the company has become an agent for Ideal pumps (Spanish) and one of the European companies, which have been established since 1904 in the pump industry, as well as an agent of Elvem company (Italian) in the field of electric motors of all industry Types. Always we have the honor to receive requests and inquiries to remain cooperation between the engineering company for supplies & consultancy and all our customers, through the group of professional engineers and employers staff qualified to deal with all customers to provide the best possible service .

Our Partners


BOMBAS IDEAL S.A. has been manufacturing pumps since 1902. Throughout this period, the most advanced technology available has been used in the design and manufacture of our products to obtain the highest levels of efficiency and quality which has resulted in its products being found all over the five continents.


ELVEM ELECTRIC MOTORS was founded in Bassano del Grappa in 1966.Today Elvem, strong in its worldwide estimation exports 30% of the output.maintaining a very wide range of products and furnishing customised solutions .. ELVEM ELECTRIC MOTORS can offer a complete, reliable and personalised solution for every application.


Dreno Pompe is a solid and well established company, which designs and produces submersible pumps and mixers as well as accessories required for installation. Our wide variety of pumps are used in residential, municipal and industrial applications. Markets. The export amount is above 40 million USD per year.

Helmke Motors

HELMKE is an owner managed company in the third generation. Since its foundation in 1922 by Johann Helmke (picture) the name HELMKE stands for electrical drives of highest quality. Long-term experience, innovative spirit and a specific understanding for the requirements of different industries are the core of our company. At present HELMKE drives are in operation all over the world.

Servi Cardan

Mecánicas de la Serna, S.A. offers a comprehensive service in all fields of application of cardan transmissions. Among our clients are the most prestigious firms in sectors such as the manufacture of Construction Machinery, Earthworks and Public Works, Industrial Machinery and Installations, the marketing and maintenance of Industrial and Commercial Vehicles, the Pumps, etc.

Emotron Dedicted Drive

CG - a global specialist in the management and application of electrical energy focused on supporting the growing demand for a cleaner and energy efficient environment. Transformers, Motors, Power distribution